Anton Bonnici

IMG_1116A theatre writer, director and teacher, Anton Bonnici has been a keen student of the literary and performing arts since his formative years. Coming from the Maltese Islands, a conservative Roman Catholic Mediterranean country, he has experienced first-hand the eye opening and life changing effects of literature and theatre in striking contrast to the oppressive voices of institutionalized religion and pedantic bipartisan politics. Since co-founding and directing the alternative arts collective, that operated from 2003 to 2007, it has always been Bonnici’s desire to experiment with on-site art and performance projects in order to create inspiring experiences.

Following further studies in literature, theatre, creative writing, cultural criticism and theory, Bonnici developed interests in post- and trans- human subjects, extreme works of genre fiction, and anything related to television, pop and video-game culture. After having written and directed his Paris debut show Quasar Blues for the inaugural Paris Fringe International Theatre Festival in 2016, he created the Of Potters’ Demons production lab initiative as a Paris based artistic collaborative platform for the production and development of new experiences in art and performance beyond the compromising constraints of stereotypical commercial standards.

Since then he has written and produced the 2017 production Some Stupid Bitch Killed Ana Peaceful, and is currently developing the follow up immersive, interactive project Listen, I’m dying. as a Moscow/Paris co-production to be performed in 2018.