Of Potters’ Demons is a Paris based, international, collaborative production lab focusing on the creation of bold, experimental and political works of writing, visual arts and performance. By bringing together a variety of writers, poets, directors, artists, musicians and actors, Of Potters’ Demons aims to foster an environment of communal training and research to enrich and challenge collaborators as they develop creative processes and productions. Run by the Paris based theatre and film makers Anton Bonnici and Louise Denyer, Of Potters’ Demons collaborates on and produces works that problematize any aspects of artistic craft, genre, performance and presentation with a strong commitment to research, training and an uncompromising attitude towards experimentation and the possibility of failure.

Of Potters’ Demons is always interested in hearing of new projects whether it’s in art, photography, dance, theatre or film.

If you’d like to get in touch, please send an email  to