Listen, I’m dying.

ekaterina dar & jane millListen, I’m dying. is OfPotters’Demons first international co-production to be presented in Moscow and Paris. An experimental exercise took place in Moscow at the end of February 2018 where an excerpt of the show was presented in English and Russian, once in a private apartment and the second performance at the Solyanka VPA Art Gallery.

Developing further the ideas and characters created for the 2017 production of Some Stupid Bitch Killed Ana Peaceful, this new project not only gives a new direction to the narrative of this ensemble of strong women but it also pushes the show into new immersive and interactive territory.

The project has been made even richer by the creative direction of Lena Smorodinova. Introducing an element of documentary style verbatim performances that bring the personal experiences of harassment and abuse as seen through the eyes of the cast itself. Giving the project another layer of feminine voices that open for us a wedge of light into the film making and performance industries of Russia.

Produced by Yulia Khamitova & Ekaterina Dar in collaboration with Of Potters’ Demons. Directed by Anton Bonnici & Lena Smorodinova, with the choreography of Nikita Belih, and Louise Denyer providing coaching for acting in English; the first laboratory exercise for Listen, I’m dying. was performed by Ekaterina Dar, Louise Denyer, Marina Boyiko, Anastasia Popkova, Jane Mil, Anna Nekrasova, Sasha Moroz & Marsha Afrikyan.

Listen, I’m dying. has been translated into Russian by Sasha Moroz and into French by Gregoire Marechal.

Videos shot and edited by Olga Panina & Diana Galimzyanova.

The show is currently being developed into a full length immersive, interactive theatrical experience to be performed in Moscow and in Paris in Fall 2018.

1st day of rehearsal