Anton Bonnici & Co.

ANTON BONNICI – A writer, teacher, and theatre maker, Bonnici has been a keen student of the literary and performing arts since his formative years. He’s been involved in the Anglo theatre Paris scene since 2016 and has written three 2 act plays, two of which – Quasar Blues (2016) & Pornotopia (under the previous work in progress titles of Some Stupid Bitch Killed Ana Peaceful (2017) & Listen, I’m Dying (2018)) have been staged in Paris. He is currently developing new material in a variety of different media as part of the next process cycle for OfPotters’Demons.  

The collaborative process with different artists has always been a key element of all OfPotters’Demons projects. Here are some names of artists that have already collaborated with OfPotters’Demons and will surely feature in future works: 

Louise Denyer – Paris based Actress, director, producer and performance coach. –

Charles Gosme – Paris based musician, music teacher and music producer –

Nikita Belih – Moscow based theatre and dance choreographer –

The Opiate Magazine – A New York based international literary magazine –

Zoe Fan – A Singapore based photographer – Instagram @zoeandzo :

Marina Lvova – A Moscow based photogpraher – Instagram