CYCLE#2019 –

OfPotters’Demons was founded by the writer, teacher, and theatre maker Anton Bonnici in 2016, with the initial intention of being a Paris based, international, collaborative production lab. Bringing together a number of artists and performers, throughout 2017 & 2018, in collaboration with the co-director Louise Denyer, Of Potters’ Demons produced and staged a number of performances in Paris, Moscow and London – Some Stupid Bitch Killed Ana Peaceful June 2017 Paris, Listen, I’m Dying February 2018 Moscow & September 2018 Paris, Criminals! August 2018 London & October 2018 Paris (in co-production with Magus Theatre).

These experiences, which are being categorized as CYCLE#2017-2018, all pointed towards a further need for experimentation with a liberated approach focusing more on progress presentations rather than the staging of finished productions. This is what motivated the shift from Performance Production Lab to Text, Image & Performance Lab.

Thus, OfPotters’Demons as Text, Image & Performance Lab, intends to develop a continuous process of research and creativity in the making of texts, images and performances without any specific production end goals. Building on the concepts already explored in previous theatrical productions yet moving forwards onto a variety of other media including photography and film, the next phase for the OfPotters’Demons process will see a new cycle of experimental research and creativity, bringing together a number of international artists and collaborators for the creation of emotionally demanding, aesthetically complex, and politically relevant works of literature, art and performance across media and genres.

If you wish to get involved with OfPotters’Demons just get in touch via email. Any form of collaboration, in any medium, is welcome.