YET SO AS BY FIRE – A Passion Play in 2 ACTS by Anton Bonnici – Victoria Sultana, a devout religious woman, has died on a Friday after having suffered from the Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ. Her family and closest friends are on television talking about their last hours with Victoria in memory of her service and devotion to the Church. But is their testimony truly what happened that day? And is there any place left in today’s world for Holy Women? 

QUASAR BLUES – A Re-Enactment in 2 ACTS by Anton Bonnici – Over a decade ago, Terry Williams and Jennifer Cole, two deranged lovers, put on an experimental show in a local theatre and ended the performance by shooting dead a few members of the audience before killing themselves in a horrific double suicide. Today, two young performers want to take Terry William’s original texts and re-stage Quasar Blues, but what do the survivors of the original play have to say about it? And who would ever risk go seeing this ominous performance?

PORNOTOPIA – A Rite of Passage in 1 ACT by Anton Bonnici – Ana Peaceful, a feminist, porn actress and producer has been shot dead in her studio. The shocking news turns the lives of employees, lovers, and devoted friends completely upside down in a blink, but what does everyone have to say about Ana Peaceful now that she’s gone? And what are these voices left behind, blindly roaming the void in search for a peaceful way out?