Writing for the Stage

The Writing for the Stage creative writing workshops series is a space for playwrights to come together and experiment with writing scripts for theatrical production. Whether it’s the opening moments of a show, or building tension across scenes and dialogues, or reaching a satisfying climax, these sessions are meant to put specific writing challenges under the microscope without limiting the creativity and ambitions of the writers involved. The only requirement to join is pen and paper and an sense of enthusiasm for the written word.

Text Theatre Sessions

Text Theatre is an experimental theatre making methodology being developed at ofpotters’demons. The workshop sessions all focus on creative exploration of texts by a group of people that are both audience and artists at play in this experience. You should totally join a session if you’re interested in finding out more.


All OfPotters’Demons workshops are free of charge. Please follow ofpotters’demons on Facebook to find out when and where the next workshops are happening.